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Project Description

get the poishe app here.. OR

poishe makes it easier for friends to quickly capture their expenses.. be it a nice group dinner, long road trip or any fun stuff involving money. no sifting through the receipts later or trying to remember awkwardly.. add friends & places at will, & let the app summarize..

built for the awesome windows phone 7 series, this app will be handy for you to:

  • capture an expense with friends, instantly with comments. 
  • add friends & places to the master list. (you can add them manually or import them nicely from your contacts.)
  • see all the transactions in a single view.
  • email the expense report, for easy reconciliation & later filing.
  • delete the expenses once you've emailed & reconciled them & start afresh.

simplicity is the heart of this app.. with so many complex expense apps in the market.. 

get the poishe app here.. OR

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